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Why I don't eat at Weddings

As a wedding, party, and event dj, its always interesting to watch the reactions from my clients especially at weddings when I refuse to eat. I have nothing against food. In fact I love it. However, wedding after wedding I watch as other vendors sneak a meal or eat a plate after all of the guests have received their food. They hide in the corner or go outside, but as the wedding dj I’m on the clock. I understand that its common practice, and even widely accepted. I have had client’s beg me to eat stating that they bought extra just for me. On occasion when they insist, I throw down some shrimp as subtly as possible as to not offend them, but for the most part I refrain from eating while there is “down time.” Why you may ask? Well let me give you 5 reasons why I don’t stuff my face while jamming some Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

#1 It’s a bad look
How would you feel if you rolled through a Wendy’s drive thru and you notice an employee stuffing his/her face with a spicy chicken sandwich? The longer you wait for your baconator, the more irritable you are to potentially be knowing that this person is supposed to be working, making your food perhaps, but instead they are enjoying a free meal at your expense. Its a bad look. Worse case scenario for me is for the bride and groom to come up and ask me what’s next or can we get things started, while I’m throwing down a plate of the food they just paid for. Its a bad look.

#2 It’s a good look
This same philosophy also works in my favor every time at a wedding when I give a simple response. “Thank you for offering me some of that wonderful looking food, however I am here to serve you tonight, and I can eat when the job is finished. It speaks volumes to the bride, the groom, and their parents, that the sax player, the dj, the musician, is solely focused on pleasing us, that nothing else matters. My approach to djing weddings is from a service point of view first and entertainment second. People aren’t at the wedding or reception for me, so I shouldn’t be the center of attention, just the guy helping them enjoy the night. 9 times out of 10 they same me a plate of food, cake, cupcakes and whatever else has been passed out anyways so it usually works out well for me.

#3 I prefer a celebratory meal
The quality of food I eat after a reception usually lands in the doldrums of healthy with the priority of availability. There just isn’t many salad places open at midnight. However the taste of whatever I am eating after an event is so much sweeter when I am driving away payment in hand, knowing I provided the best possible service, the bride and groom are smiling, and people don’t remember my name, they just remember how much fun they had. That food tastes really really good.

#4 I prefer for 200 people not to watch me eat
This is pretty much self explanatory right?

#5 Who is the dj while I’m in the bathroom?
Granted with technology as it is I probably could dj from the bathroom but that would be borderline creepy. So when I don’t eat at the reception, I don’t have to use the bathroom. When I don’t have to use the bathroom, I can give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. I understand sometimes its unavoidable but my philosophy is these people have been preparing all day, the least I can do is be available for the hours they have hired me for.